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Geofizyka otworowa w dobie poszukiwań gazu w łupkach : modele interpretacyjne i specyfika zastosowań w zagadnieniach rozpoznawania złóż gazu z łupków

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Well logging in the world of shale gas plays : interpretative models and specific applications in the shale gas research
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The purpose of this article is to review the possibilities of using well logging in the exploration and completion of the shale gas plays. This presentation is addressed to a broad geological community. The article was divided in two parts: the first one, already published in PG, which was focused on the borehole logging tools and methods, and the current one, which deals with the construction of petrophysical models and considers some specific aspects of well-logging application in the shale gas plays. For more inquiring readers, a comprehensive list of literature is presented. The construction of petrophysical models in the thin-bedded shale-sand Miocene gas formation of the Carpathian Foredeep is presented briefly as a possible predecessor of the methodology applicable in the shale gas plays based on domestic experiences. However, the application of well logging in shale gas formations, both at the evaluation and completion steps, differs in the methodology in comparison to conventional and even to thin-bed formations. This specificity is also discussed, where attention is focused on the quantity and quality of organic matter and its relation to gas. Low porosity and a special kind of pore space in organic shales are considered as well.
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