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Efficient heuristic for non-linear transportation problem on the route with multiple ports

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We need a better transport planning tool for loading maximization and transport cost minimization on the voyage route with multiple loading/unloading (discharging) ports. The implemented heuristic algorithm is able to find out an appropriate routing sequence with maximal earnings and profit. In the same time it looks for minimal loading/discharging and transshipment costs, but with fulfillment of cargo demands in a number of ports on the route. The efficient algorithm for optimal transport of N cargo loads (e.g. contingent of containers) for ships with limited capacity is being developed. This efficient tool may significantly reduce transport costs and ensure maximal profit to freight forwarders. Also, it can be applied for supply chain management of different goods from numerous vendors. The proposed algorithm shows acceptable complexity that means that such optimization tool can be used in shipping supported with limited computing power.
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  • University of Dubrovnik (Sveučilište u Dubrovniku) Electric Engineering and Computing Department Ćira Carića 4, 20000 Dubrovnik, Hrvatska Tel: 385 20 445-739, Fax: 385 20 435-590
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