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A method of loading unit formation taking into account mass, load-bearing strength and surfaces of packing units

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The problem of loading unit formation is computationally complex in nature. This article presents a heuristic algorithm of forming unit loads, which can be applied to unit load arrangement on unit load devices. This method accounts for dimensional, mass and load-bearing strength of loading units and loading devices. Moreover, the rotation of packages about a 90° vertical axis has been made possible. In this algorithm, the bearing surface of each packing unit is entirely supported. This guarantees the stability of additional unit load layers. A sample calculation of the arrangement of 30-unit loads is presented in this article.
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  • Faculty of Transport, The Warsaw University of Technology, Koszykowa 75 Street, 00-662 Warsaw, Poland
  • Faculty of Transport, The Warsaw University of Technology, Koszykowa 75 Street, 00-662 Warsaw, Poland
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