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Neptunian dykes in the Middle Miocene reefs of western Ukraine : preliminary results

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Neptunian dykes were recently recorded within the Middle Miocene (Upper Badenian and Lower Sarmatian) Medobory reef complex of the Carpathian Foreland in western Ukraine. The Upper Badenian reefs are cut by a regular, semi-perpendicular network of intersecting fissures that penetrate the Badenian reef limestone down for more than 10 m. The dykes are filled by several generations of Sarmatian microbialites coating the fracture walls and by bedded bioclastic sediment (including foraminifers) which is more important volumetrically. The fissure fillings containing both the Sarmatian material as well as rare clasts of Badenian rocks indicate that the fissures were open during the onset of Sarmatian deposition. They originated following the emergence and fracturing of the Badenian limestones, either due to fault tectonics at basin margins induced by basin subsidence, around the Badenian-Sarmatian boundary, or to gravitational instability of large lithified Badenian reef bodies. Only one phase of fracture opening occurred. The filling of fractures was episodic, with pulses of cementation and microbial growth and sediment injection. Four different foraminiferal assemblages recorded in the neptunian dykes indicate that the process of fracture filling was long-lasting.
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