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Experimental study of flow control over an Ahmed body using plasma actuator

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Ahmed Body is a standard and simplified shape of a road vehicle that’s rear part has an important role in flow structure and it’s drag force. In this paper flow control around the Ahmed body with the rear slant angle of 25° studied by using the plasma actuator system situated in middle of the rear slant surface. Experiments conducted in a wind tunnel in two free stream velocities of U = 10 m/s and U = 20 m/s using steady and unsteady excitations. Pressure distribution and total drag force was measured and smoke flow visualization carried out in this study. The results showed that at U = 10 m/s using plasma actuator suppress the separated flow over the rear slant slightly and be effective on pressure distribution. Also total drag force reduces in steady and unsteady excitations for 3.65% and 2.44%, respectively. At U = 20 m/s, using plasma actuator had no serious effect on the pressure distribution and total drag force.
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