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Early Cretaceous intra-plate volcanism in the Pieniny Klippen Belt – a case study of the Velykyi Kamenets’/Vilkhivchyk (Ukraine) and Biała Woda (Poland) sections

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The geological position and geochemistry of the basaltic sill and tuffs occurring within the Berriasian–?Albian pelagic limestones of the Czorsztyn Succession are described. The volcanic rock succession of the Velykyi (= Veliky) Kamenets’/Vilkhivchyk (= Vulkhovchik, Vulhovchik, Olkhivchyk) sites is related to intra-plate submarine volcanism, which took place at the southeastern termination of the Pieniny Klippen Belt. This volcanism was probably associated with the Early Cretaceous opening of the Magura/Fore-Magura basinal system, bounded by the Silesian/Marmarosh and Czorsztyn palaeoridges to the north and south respectively. The alkaline volcanic rocks from the Velykyi Kamenets’/Vilkhivchyk sites are geochemically similary to the basaltic block from Biała Woda (Małe Pieniny Mts., Poland), which is an olistolith a few metres across within the Jarmuta conglomerates (Maastrichtian/Paleocene). This basaltic block was eroded from the frontal part of the Czorsztyn Nappe and was deposited in the uppermost part of the Grajcarek Succession at the southeastern margin of the Magura Basin.
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