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w słowach kluczowych:  Czech linguistics
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Content available Čeští lingvisté o maďarštině
The article offers a survey as comprehensive and systematic as possible of all the articles and papers dealing with the Hungarian language written by Czech linguists. It concludes that very little attention has been paid to this topic in Czech linguistics and that the number of papers dedicated to Hungarian itself is very low. The majority of these papers deal with topics such as language contact (etymology, areal linguistics of the Central European Sprachbund, onomastics, the sociolinguistic situation of the Hungarian minority in the Czech Republic) or language comparison (typology). Only a few linguists have dealt with Hungarian to a relatively larger extent: Vladimír Skalička (language typology), Zoe Hauptová (etymology, Hungarian loanwords in Slovak), Vladimír Šmilauer (etymology, onomastics), Rudolf Forstinger (onomastics, etymology), František Kopečný (etymology, morphosyntax), Jiří Pilarský (the Central European Sprachbund, Hungarian‑ German contrastive linguistics), Lucie Jílková (sociolinguistics), Evžen Gál (Hungarian‑ Czech contrastive lexicology, sociolinguistics), Julius Bredár (etymology), Josef Blaskovics (etymology, Turkish loanwords in Hungarian), and Richard Pražák (Dobrovský as Hungarist and Finno‑Ugrist, the typology of national revivals in Central and Eastern Europe).
Marking the occasion of the publication of the 100th volume of The Journal for Modern Philology, the article summarizes key stages in the Journal’s history and describes its role in the development of Czech modern philology. It focuses on outstanding personalities associated with the Journal, the main theoretical issues that have appeared in its pages during the 107 years of its existence, and the impact of the Journal on the past and present of Czech modern philology and linguistics.
Content available remote A premature retrospective: An interview with František Daneš, September 21, 1988
The core of this article is a substantial part of an interview conducted by J. Nekvapil with F. Daneš on September 21, 1988. The aim of the interview was to gain information for a profile of Daneš on the occasion of his 70th birthday, which was later published in Philologica Pragensia (Nekvapil 1989). Unlike other published interviews given by Daneš in later years, this one is characterized by a relatively high degree of spontaneity, thus presenting a less stylized view of the development of Czech linguistics and the Prague School, as well as of the life of Daneš himself. Prior to the interview transcript, several essential factors which constitute the interview are given: the participants, goal, surroundings, key, communicative medium and sequential progression. Attention is also devoted to the way in which the interview is presented in this article, including the genrerelated pressures on its presentation. The epilogue adds information about the activities of F. Daneš after the intervew, i.e. after 1988, and some intertextual and interdiscursive connections. The publication of this text stands to commemorate this significant linguist, who died on March 18, 2015.
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