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The high price of pure forms of solanidine glycoalkaloids (GA) impedes their use in studies on the effects and safety levels of GA for farm animals. An attempt was made to take advantage of the high concentration of GA in potato sprouts and to evaluate them as a potential source of these compounds for nutritional experiments. Over a period of two years, two batches of sprouts were collected from potatoes prepared for planting, dried, and analysed for α-solanine (S), α-chaconine (CH), and nutrient contents, as well as trypsin inhibitor activity (TIA). The concentrations of S were 10.52 mg and 8.88 mg · g–1 and of CH, 22.67 and 18.70 mg · g–1 of dried sprouts in batch 1 and batch 2, respectively. The proportions of chaconine and solanine in both batches were uniform and amounted to 68% and 32% of the sum. The chemical composition of two batches was similar except for crude fibre content, which was 3.01% and 9.46% in batch 1 and batch 2, respectively. TIA was low and uniform (0.41 mg · g–1)
The study was conducted on 50 single-hyphe R. solani isolates from potato tubers and sprouts grown in different regions of Poland and town of Bilitt (Norway). PCR assay showed that 45 isolates had the expected amplification product which classified them into group AG 3. Five isolates, which did not reveal the presence of this product were tested with SCAR primer sets designed for identification of AG 2-1 and AG 2-2 groups. PCR assay showed one isolate belonging to the AG 2-1 group, but no amplification product was produced for group AG 2-2.
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