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Referring to the studies of E. N. Pawłowski and W. G. Gniezdiłow (1939, 1949, 1953) the author examined this problem in the natural infection of dogs: 40 animals were used for experiments. The results obtained show that D. caninum is mainly localized in the iliac intestine, but with the increasing number of populations the parasites were also found to occupy the posterior segment of the jejunum (diagram). The mean length and wet weight of the population are inversely proportional to the mean length and wet weight of individuals; this correlation is determined by the number of population (table 1). When the numerical value of the population was low the differentiation of the parasites was but slight, its augmentation being accompanied by increase in young and reduction in mature forms (table 2). There were also differences in the appearance and condition of parasites depending on whether they derived from numerically low or high populations.
The problem of comparison of fourteen nonparametric estimators of quantiles in small samples using simulation method is considered. Two measures of quality of estimators are presented: mean absolute deviation error and Pitman's measure of closeness. Seven different distributions of a random sample are used: distributions with short tails (uniform, normal, Laplace), long tails (Pareto Cauchy) and assymetric distributions (exponential, Weibull)
Hexachlorophen given per os in the aqueous solution in the dosis of 1,7g/100 kg of body weight, in spite of its effectiveness (about 70%) does not lend itself - in authors' opinion - for massive practical use on account of its considerable toxicity and cumbersome application (prior starvation, diet during the therapy, risk of overdosage). Bilevon M-Bayer (Bilevon 9015-Bayer) in the dosis of 0.4 g/100 kg of body weight administered by oral route in aqueous solution is highly effective (75%) and devoid of any appreciable toxic side effect on the treated animals; it may be used without strict diet and is also allowed in the pregnancy.
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