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Assessing the shape of sperm morphology is an important part of semen and breeding soundness analysis used in the controlled reproduction of pigs. In long-term semen storage (up to 10 days) and in positive temperatures (16-18°C), even a small rise in percentage of impaired semen diagnosed in the process of semen collection, especially semen with primary defects, reduces their ability to achieve fertilization. It is therefore advisable to carry out studies aimed at identifying certain common causes of periodical fluctuation of semen quality in order to compensate its negative effects. Introduction of still new cross-breeds by breeders should also not be underestimated here. Research was carried out on 240 ejaculates from 20 boars in the course of a 12 month production cycle by means of evaluating semen morphology every single month in that period. Semen was dye-marked using by the Diff-Quick method, evaluated with an Olympus CX4 light microscope and an attached Basler A312 scan camera, enlarged 1000 times, under immersion. 500 spermatozoa were assessed in each specimen. The percentage of sperm with primary defects increased slightly in April – ≤ 6% and more considerably in May, June – ≤ 11% and July – ≤ 10%. The most noticeable rise in sperm with primary defects was observed in August – up to 18% (exceeding physiological norms). The most noticeable rise in sperm with secondary defects was observed in May – 9.14%, June – 12.36%, and July – 11.3%. In August it was the highest – 19.98%. Values referring to this parameter remained within physiological norms in the entire research period.
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