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w słowach kluczowych:  TERRITORIAL MARKETING
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The study is based on a theory of the regional development and building of competitiveness of regions, as well as the regional labelling of products through using instruments of strategic management for the targeted direction of local marketing. Creating regional identity in the 21st century must be reflected in the public sector. The objective of the research was to define the influence of regional product brand existence on the efficient development of territorial marketing in the analysed regions under the conditions typical for the Slovak Republic. Based on a scientific evaluation of theoretically defined key terms (“region”, “regional labelling”, “regional product” or “territorial marketing”), the authors have proceeded to analyse individual brands of regional products in selected territorial units of the Slovak Republic – Kopanice; Záhorie; Hont; Ponitrie; Podpoľanie; Gemer-Malohont; Malodunajsko-Galantsko; Karsticum; Novohrad; Nitrava; and Pohronie. Within the analysis, they have conducted an empirical (quantitative) research in a form of questionnaires distributed to a target group of respondents that were defined as the coordinators of regional labelling of products and services for the analysed regions; these are dominantly local action groups and civic associations operating in the given territory. The aim of the authors’ study was to identify the character of the influence that the existence of regional brands of products has on an efficient increase in the promotion and awareness of the analysed regions with an objective to outline the possibilities of using the theory of regional product labelling under the conditions of the Slovak Republic within the context of territorial marketing development.
With the introduction of market economy in Poland into all sectors of life, the phenomenon of competitiveness appeared also among territorial units. This competing may refer to different kinds of benefits determining the impuls for socio - economic development, such as access to financial resources, skilled workforce, attraction to new investors, attraction to the potential consumers (tourists, students, patients'), etc. Therefore, it can be said that the market economy somehow forces municipalities and counties, as well as enterprises, for undertaking marketing efforts. This competitive situation has nowadays become a stimulus to the development of marketing concepts and to treating territorial marketing as a significant factor in the local development.
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