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Content available remote LITERARY LIFE IN A UNITED GERMANY (Zycie literackie w zjednoczonych Niemczech)
Changes in literature usually occur with some delay relatively to transformations that proceed in political life. In the article the author tries to answer a number of questions relating to the two spheres. What happened to German literature after the reunification of 1989? How does the literature of the new federal states portray the social-economic-political situation of the Federation? What themes are tackled by writers with stable biographies, who had to come to grips with the developmental trends of the western world as such - globalization, the era of consumerism, the pressure of mass culture, worldwide linkage through the Internet? Are we justified in claiming the existence of one common sphere of literature shared by both parts of Germany, or are there still two German literatures that differ from each other in form and content?
Does Eastern Germany differ significantly from Western part in economic terms? How have new Bundesländer been developing over past twenty years? How fast has East been catching up with West? What could have hampered convergence? How today are German states equipped with factors determining future growth? How the new Bundeslander performed do compared with the old ones? This paper seeks to address above mentioned questions. It offers a comprehensive review of key economic developments of two decades of reunited Germany. Particularly it examines current economic landscape; investigates convergence processes taking place since reunification and tries to identify most likely impediments hampering full catching up. Finally, it aims at assessing contemporary growth potential of German states. With respect to the starting point - poor performance of East Germany back in 1990 the progress made and results achieved are impressive. Though, comparing the situation with Western part of the country - significant discrepancies continue to exist. Certainly, assessment of the last twenty years of reunited Germany hinges much upon perspective taken. Two decades after Berlin Wall Fall opinions on economic consequences of reunification are more balanced, since 'much has been achieved, but much still needs to be done'.
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