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Content available remote Repozytorium DSpace względem zaleceń Web 2.0
DSpace, in this article, is described as solution for academic repository and it is compare with widely known Web 2.0 recommendations presented in an great number of web publications and today's solutions. This comparison is based on formal foundations of DSpace, possibilities which comes with this software – described in documentation (for example in handbook or wiki) – and practical implications from existing implementations. Important role in this comparison plays present user and his needs from social networks and web services he are likely incorporate to professional work. Repository should be usable for him as much as it is possible. DSpace gives administrators and institutions place to make their own upgrades and propose new solutions to increase this usability. This article is also mention about general properties and characteristic of DSpace, especially about record-making and how can end-user make the most of repository sources in Web 2.0 world.
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