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Content available remote Kostarika: mírová dividenda za rovností pohlaví
Our prejudices make us blind to the wealth of inspiration in the area of gender democracy making and the progress to be found outside of the Occident, in this case to that of Costa Rica. The country's historic milestone is undoubtedly the abolition of its army in 1948, with the ensuing cummulative effect of the so called peace dividend, particularly in education. The latter in turn played a major role in the advancement of Costa Rican women, as well as fostered in large measure a gender sensitization of the society over an arguably short span of time - much in defiance of persistent dire problems any developing country faces. The cornerstone of its nascent gender equality is the 1990 legislation: every political party must state in its statutes how it will work to ensure equality between women and men within its ranks. The electoral law stipulates a binding 40% quota for women on ballots, or else the defaulting party cannot participate in elections. Women currently account for 38,6% in the Parliament, take up almost a third of all ministerial positions, well over a third of managerial positions in the state administration and at the local level there is almost a parity balance.
Content available remote Feminismus, kapitalismus a lest dějin
Building on historical narrative and social-theoretical analysis, the authoress explores the place of second-wave feminism in relation to three specific moments in the history of capitalism. The first point refers to the movement's beginnings in the context of 'state-organized capitalism'. The second point refers to the process of feminism's evolution in the dramatically changed social context of rising neoliberalism. And the third point refers to a possible reorientation of feminism in the present context of capitalist crisis and US political realignment, which for her could mark the beginning of a shift from neoliberalism to a new form of social organization. Orienting her analysis around four key points of feminist critique - androcentrism, economism, etatism and Westphalianism - the authoress charts a fascinating journey of second-wave feminism since the 1960s to identify a 'dangerous liaison' second-wave feminism developed with capitalism. She concludes that in order to reclaim second-wave feminism as a robust critique conjoining both claims for recognition and redistribution - which were unlinked during the period of rising neoliberalism - feminism needs to become more historically self-aware.
The paper gives a definition of the concept of feminist philosophy from both historical and systematic perspectives. The special character of feminist philosophy is examined on the background of a controversial discourse, which has been developed in some of the philosophical sub-disciplines, such as philosophical anthropology, epistemology, the theory of science, esthetics, ethics, and in philosophy of law or in social philosophy. Regardless of their diversity, all of them share one objective, namely the global democracy, in which the emancipation ideal articulated in feminist movement could be realized.
Content available remote Problém „chůvy“ ve feminismu
Are social movements responsible for their unfinished agendas? Feminist successes in opening the professions to women paved the way for the emergence of the upper middle-class two-career household. These households sometimes hire domestic servants to accomplish their child care work. If, as I shall argue, this practice is unjust and furthers social inequality, then it poses a moral problem for any feminist commitment to social justice.
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