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Introduction. Among the basic conditions for the development of tourism in spa municipalities, investments in different infrastructure, including recreational and sports facilities should be distinguished. The aim of this work was to show the scope and the financing of sports and recreational investments in selected spa municipalities in Poland. Material and methods. The article uses the diagnostic survey method. The surveys were carried out in June 2012 among the representatives of the selected spa municipalities with the use of a specially prepared questionnaire. Results. The municipalities covered in this research declared carrying out investments in recreational and sports infrastructure, most often in football pitches. During the survey the highest number of investments of this type were conducted in Kołobrzeg. Among other recreational and sports projects, one of the most popular was investing in cycling routes. The research on the sources of financing of investments in recreational and sports infrastructure shows that almost all municipalities declared using funds from their own income. Furthermore, most of the analyzed municipalities used resources from the European Union. Other sources of financing were not that popular. Conclusion. In the time of apparent competitiveness and globalization of the spa market, recreational and sports facilities are very important. The authors believe that sports tourism can be one of the forms of health tourism in spas. The conducted research of spa municipalities has proved that: - major recreational and sports investments covered sports fields, mainly football pitches and cycling routes, - the primary sources of financing in the analyzed municipalities turned out to be their own income and resources from the EU.
The issue of cooperation of spa municipalities has not been subject to thorough analyses on the part of the doctrine. The author presents the characteristics of spa municipalities and analyzes the obligation of cooperation of communes, resulting from Art. 3 of the Act of 28 July 2005 on spa treatment, health resorts and areas of spa protection as well as on spa municipalities.
This paper presents the essence of innovation in tourism as one of the elements that build a competitive advantage in this market. The opportunities and problems or threats related to the introduction of innovative products in spa municipalities are also shown. A research on innovation in tourism in the area of two spa municipalities – Iwonicz-Zdrój and Rymanów – was carried out. The main objective was to obtain information on innovative activities introduced in the study area over the past five years. The work results are part of a project aiming to identify innovative solutions in South-Eastern Poland resorts, and to evaluate the innovative municipalities perception by tourists, patients, and local entities.
The paper describes the project of European initiative EUREKA "Ecological mountain railway as an element of the sustainable development of a tourist region in Poland" joining the spas of Piwniczna with Szczawnica. After presentation of the project scope and the partners, the municipalities which serves and links planned narrow-gauge railway have been characterized. Reflection of an idea for the railway in the existing strategic and planning documents has been identified. Functions of the railway and its situational and altitude alignment of its route are specified. The vehicles of the railway and the rules and examples for creating of schedules are generally characterized. The rules for construction of prognostic passenger flows by rail are described and selected results are quoted. The conclusions from the analysis of the environmental impact of the railway and the result of financial and economic analysis are presented. List of the expected main effects of the project and its potential impact on the development of transport technology is given. An idea of enlargement the territorial scope of the narrow-gauge railway project with proposal for its internationalization is presented. This includes extension of the route from the Szczawnica spa to the Krościenko spa and the branch route from the Obidza pass to the Stara Lubovna town in Slovakia. For this purpose an initiative will be taken to apply a research project of the European Union.
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