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Content available remote Kámen v pomístních jménech Moravy a Slezska
Acta onomastica
tom 53
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The stone is a significant part of landscape, hence the common noun stone is used as a base for a plenty of anoikonyms in all languages. This paper deals with Moravian and Silesian minor place names containing Czech noun kámen ‚stone‘, in dialects ‚rock‘ too. In the first part, dialect forms of the respective names are described. Then the autor deals with struc-tural types of the names and frequency of these types. Finally variability and motivation are explored.
The paper deals with anoikonyms derived from personal names by a suffix (the structure types Bartoš + -ka, Bartoš + -ovka, Bartoš + -ovec, Bartoš + -ovice etc.). The first part of the paper presents their onomastic characteristics: it pays attention to their word-forming structure, motivation, frequency, eventually productivity of certain structure types; also information on their geographic distribution is added. Selectively also those anoikonyms are presented which are hard to explain. The second part compares the onymic maps (maps of some structure types) with dialect maps (especially the maps of the so called bundles of isoglosses contained in the Czech Linguistic Atlas). Mutual interconnections of the onymic and dialect areas are explored.
Podstawowe zasady projektowania, stosowania i wykonywania barier mostowych wynikają z normatywu PN-EN 1317 oraz europejskich regulacji prawnych CPR. W artykule zostały przybliżone i opisane podstawowe parametry i rozwiązania barier systemu Stalprodukt i Deltabloc. Dodatkowo opisano bariery pochłaniające energię uderzenia zastosowane na obiektach mostowych nowego odcinka autostrady A4.
The general rules for the design and implementation of bridge traffic barriers are based on the PN-EN 1317 standard and the European CPR regulations. The basic parameters of selected traffic barriers of the Stalprodukt and Deltabloc systems have been presented in the paper. Moreover, the crash energy absorbing traffic barriers implemented in the bridge structures of a new section of the A4 motorway have been described.
The paper summarizes the hitherto results of the work on the Dictionary of Moravian and Silesian Anoikonyms (DMSA), explains the causes of the problems relating to the headword construction (the DMSA is a dictionary of entries, not of individual anoikonyms; Czech is a language featuring the homonymy of morphological characteristics of flexible words; the information leading to the construction of a “basic” form of the headword is often missing) and presents a set of universal rules to construct headwords of the DMSA; one or another of these rules should be applicable for all anoikonyms or their collections which are ranged in individual entries. The process of headword construction engages a changing degree of abstraction depending on the make-up of the entries (one-name entries containing one-word anoikonyms or more-word ones; more-name entries; the structure type and grammatical, dialectal and other characteristics of listed anoikonyms).
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