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Teaching of accounting in university degree will not be complete without knowing methods and techniques of book keeping. Unique character “Computerized accounting” classes need specific ways in marking students. It should be based on analyzing reports generated by financial program.
This article presents a theoretical basis for techniques of physical exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. The method, as part of the so-called Body Mind Exercises group, first gained recognition among professional dancers, actors and choreographers but has become more popular and is now regularly applied in sport, fitness and physiotherapy. The paper presents methodological and biomechanical principles of this exercise system (oriented to strengthening the whole muscular system, both deep – stabilizing and superficial – moving parts, interaction „from the core” on the slings forming superficial musculo-fascial system, the work in open and closed kinetic chains). Historical background of the method and principles of performing the exercises using the Pilates Method (concentration, control, centering, breathing, postural alignment, flow, stamina, relaxation) is provided. The paper presents instruments (the Cadillac, the Reformer) and accessories (Swiss Ball, Overball, Tubings) that can be used to enhance the exercise program in the discussed activity improvement system. The final part of the article includes a critical review of physiotherapy and sports medicine literature pertaining to application of the presented method in kinesitherapy of patients at different ages, particularly in elderly people. Prior experience of physiotherapists using this technique in their work has indicated a possibility of applying the technique in the therapy of patients with various neuro-muscular dysfunctions and in sports medicine. The authors hope to encourage the environment of physiotherapists to enhance their professional skills with elements of Pilates’ method.
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