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According to the two-dimensional argument against materialism, developed by David Chalmers, the conceivability of zombies entails primary possibility, and the primary possibility of zombies entails further secondary possibility. I argue that the move from the conceivability to primary possibility of zombies is unjustified. Zombies are primarily impossible despite being conceivable if the corresponding phenomenal and microphysical concepts have coinciding primary intensions (refer to the same properties in all possible worlds considered as actual) despite being distinct concepts. But there is no good reason to think that phenomenal and microphysical concepts cannot have coinciding primary intensions despite being distinct concepts. As I argue, this conclusion follows from reflection on special cognitive features of phenomenal concepts.
The characteristics of Hungarian scholarships have changed in the past nearly twenty years. Besides the national initiatives, there are foreign and overseas scholarships for which there has been an increasing demand and need. The initiatives are excellent, but all this would only fulfil its role in perfectly, if the principle of their social utility would be effective as well. The national educational system makes it necessary to get experience from abroad, to learn the different professional competences as the tendencies in and outside Europe are also essential criteria in the reconsideration of the education system.
The modality, that is the indispensability, possibility and intentionality of carrying out the content of the predicate, is expressed within the predicational component of the illocutionary act. The Slovak Carpathian Romani does not have any modal verbs of its own to express indispensability (must, to have to) and possibility (can, be able to). These modal relations are most often expressed either by borrowed modal verbs ('musinel' - must, to have to), by particles ('musaj' - must, 'saj/nasti' - can/cannot), or with the help of other lexical means ('kampel' - it is necessary, 'jel' - to be). The possibility to carry out some action is expressed in various ways depending on the further specification of the possibility. When expressing indispensability and possibility the subject is usually the one carrying out the process expressed by the autosemantic verb and at the same time the bearer of modal disposition for carrying it out expressed by the modal verb. When expressing intentionality (to want), we also frequently find cases where the subject carrying out the action expressed by a particular verb form is not identical with the bearer of modal disposition.
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