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Blood samples were taken from 21 horses before competition (S), after a race (W) and after a 30 min. rest period (R). Five-year-old horses taking part in a championship were compared with older horses starting in the Championship of Poland. The distance for young horses was shorter than the one for older ones. The changes of parameters such as Ht, Hb, LA, Glu and TP in the blood of five-year-old horses were higher than those of older horses. It was found that most of the five-year-old horses starting in the championship had not been well trained for the competition, while the older horses participating in the Championship of Poland were prepared properly for that race.
The training process should be assisted by pieces of information considering the sphere of tactically - technical activities that best football players and world - class teams present. Not noticing crucial differences may be seen as the one of the reasons for lowering training process quality. It is important to make comparative analyses regarding teams of different age groups by taking into consideration actions they take during a game and their efficiency. It allows for an observation not only different changes that are happening during various age groups training process, but also playing techniques of a professional competitor during particular training stages. The material that has been researched is as follow: 147 goals that were scored during the World Cup in Germany in 2006 and 135 goals won during the World Youth Championship in Canada in 2007. The following research method is a systematic, outside observation that is categorized by a standardized research tool which is the author’s observation form. The research results were statistically analysed by the use of Student's t - test for independent groups. It may be concluded that: any crucial differences between two categories of teams, considering the structure of the length of the scored goals, the goal area itself and the pitch sectors from which actions were initiated, have not been found. Considerable differences have been noticed, as far as the way of shooting a goal after taking a ball by means of more complicated methods, like for example: kicking the ball with the inside and outside of the instep or shots done by head - elderly football players seem to be more precise in both accuracy and efficiency in shooting goals, but disparity result is not statistically significant.
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