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w słowach kluczowych:  TEXTBOOKS ON ANCIENT EGYPT (POLAND)
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Analysis of information on Ancient Egypt in the textbooks of K.J. Skrzetuski and D.A.G. Szybinski, as well as in the dissertations by H. Borzecki, M. Wolski or W. Piwnicki, published at the end of 18th century, shows that they carried comparable information, but differed in what information was highlighted. The names of Egyptian rulers found in them, as well as the factography, were derived from a variety of ancient sources and contemporary works on the subject. The authors of the textbooks and dissertations did not always make an attempt to order the data obtained from their reading in a chronological manner. One problem that turned out to be insurmountable for them involved trying to establish a chronology of ancient Egypt based on the works of ancient writers and to reconcile it with that based on the Bible. It is remarkable however, that, for the first time in Polish teaching of history, they attempted to combine, albeit not always successfully, history with geographical description.The material gathered by the authors of the textbooks of the Age of Enlightenment is very interesting from the point of view of the history of knowledge and learning. Polish textbooks of the Age of Enlightenment were the main source of knowledge on the history of Egypt for several generations of Poles, and they affected their perception of the history of that distant country at a time when a fascination with the Orient began to be observed among the educated elite.
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