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w słowach kluczowych:  GREEKS IN CZECH REPUBLIC
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Content available remote Ortodoxní kněží v řecké emigraci na severní Moravě
The issues of the Greek minority in the Czech Republic, its arrival and development, is a matter of the always increasing number of professional texts whereby the most of them present the results of historical research work. Just a small part thereof is ethologically oriented. The contribution concerning the Greek priests in emigration has lifted the veil, metaphorically speaking, on the theme that is rather historical; its protagonists, however, had an essential influence on the life and traditions of the Greek community at the end of the 1940s, in the course of the entire 1950s and occasionally in the early 1960s. The essay analyses the structure of Greek emigration between 1948 and 1949 from the point of view of religiosity, and the role of a low number of Greek priests in the life of refugees. Because of their predominantly unofficial clerical activities within the community, only few written sources have survived. Therefore, the most data are based on the memories and materials of surviving contemporaries and family members. Nevertheless, those data give a quite plastic picture of how not only the faith, Orthodox traditions and through them also the fatherland's folk traditions were living at the first generation of refugees thanks to the work of Greek priests; they also show how the connected folk and Orthodox traditions are again brought to life at the contemporary Greek minority. The theme has been less investigated and the research is still running but one can presume - despite the decreasing number of survivors and the poor archive sources - the next extension of knowledge on the history and life of the Greek minority in the Czech Republic.
The essay describes the picture of Czech national cuisine and its features, namely based on an analysis of forewords in cookery books, guidebooks and websites, which document how the picture of Czech cuisine has been formed mainly after 1989. The picture of Czech cuisine has been analyzed solely in German-written materials, i.e. there has been analyzed the way of creating this picture abroad and for foreign audience. The essay shows how the picture of Czech cuisine has been created by emphasizing the influence of countryside, climate and tradition, originality and anchoring in the kitchens of lower and middle classes and negative affect of socialistic era. It partially deals with the choice of national specialities and the reports on eating habits of the Czechs, which complete the picture of Czech cuisine. The analysis of creating the picture of Czech cuisine is also more extensively involved into the issues of utilizing this picture in tourism, as well as into the discussions on globalizations and regionalism. The Czech example is compared with the examples from the German speaking regions. The structure of Czech national cuisine is discussed also in relation to identity creating - in connection with the thesis that the pictures mediated by mass media can become a source of identity creating. They can serve as identity mediators. The matter of the essay is not to observe the processes of identity creating at the readers, users of aforementioned sources.
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