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Persuasive discourse observed in youth magazines occurs not only on the verbal level. The article shows the role that visualization plays in the context of persuasive discourse. The main tool of influence is language, however the composition of youth magazines, inwhich the visual component dominates over the verbal layer, is deliberate. The composition has been adjusted to the needs and expectations of the teenage target reader, whose perceptive abilities were shaped mostly by visual mass culture. For the magazine recipient photography is the component which articulates the most, subsequently to language. Modern magazines have a very expanded visual stratum, actually, in numerous magazines it even overshadows the text. Glossy magazines have a trait of hybridity and their characteristic feature is the possibility to read and watch simultaneously, as the message does not only restrain itself to the text, but is also transmitted through photographs. The new style of communication is thus accompanied by a shift in the text–image affiliation. Photography in the context of persuasive discourse conducted in magazines, plays as significant a role as the verbal constituent. Focusing on the persuasive influence of the visual layer of magazines, the article discusses the role of photographytreated as a supplement of the text, but also as an independent statement.
La communication aura pour l’objet d’examiner les particularités du discours persuasif des campagnes sociétales pour y relever des stratégies les plus fréquentes et pour comprendre par quels moyens linguistiques les experts en marketing sociétal tendent à éveiller les émotions du destinataire. On se penchera sur le rôle de trois opérations discursives, notamment enseigner, plaire et émouvoir dans le discours des campagnes sociétales en mettant l’accent sur la publicité qui fait l’appel à la peur et à la provocation. Notre analyse sera basée sur un corpus constitué par les slogans, les affiches et les vidéos des campagnes sociétales relevées sur les sites français, polonais et italiens.
The present article aims at analysing the persuasive strategies that the authors of the social campaigns use in order to change the opinions and attitude of their audiences. The scope of the article is to examine the persuasive force of the words used in the slogans of the social campaigns as well as the evocative power of the images on the posters and videos. For this, it will focus on the three objectives of the persuasive discourse, i.e. teaching, pleasing and touching the audience, and examine them in the context of social campaigns that use fear and provocation to achieve their aims. The analysis is based on a corpus of slogans, posters and videos of French, Polish and Italian social campaigns.
Artykuł stanowi recenzję rozprawy naukowej Политический фельетон в свете теории речевого воздействия polskiej autorki Żanny Sładkiewicz, wydanej w 2013 roku w Gdańsku.
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