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w słowach kluczowych:  ANTI-AMERICANISM
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Content available remote „American greedy Shylock” – geneza i ewolucja niemieckiego antyamerykanizmu
Anti -Americanism is a constant critical attitude to social, economic and political institutions, tradition and values of the United States. Anti -Americanism is the ability to interpret America’s actions through earlier established images and negative stereotypes. Essence of the German Anti -Americanism is based on the distinction between: Kulturnation ‘cultural nation’ – Germany and Staatnation ‘state nation’ – America. Kulturnation is nation as a community of people who are bound together by common language, culture, tradition and religion. It is not dependent on existing or lacking state borders. Staatnation is a conception in which all people living in a country, no matter of ethnical heredity or mother language, as a result of independent and free will they create one nation. In the nineteenth century Germany anti -democratic Anti -Americanism was typical reaction for an American attempt to create a community of free and equal citizens based on abstractive ideals of the Enlightenment. ‘Hypocrisy of Wilson’s idealism’ after I World War formed among Germans image of Americans, as people who speak like preacher and act like businessmen.
September 11 and the rise of global anti-Americanism since the Iraq War have raised concerns in American society about the US's image in the world and led to the contestation of the concept of the enemy as had been elaborated by the Bush administration. This concern has had a profound impact in American cultural production, and particularly on American cinema, and has shaped the demand for a change of policy that would restore the moral status of the US. Barack Obama, using various elements, managed to incorporate this demand in his electoral campaign and raised the issue of anti-Americanism as a means of criticism of the Bush administration. The discourse on anti-Americanism contested the national narration formed during the Bush presidency and functioned as an asset in the Obama campaign. Barack Obama, with his charismatic political personality, the symbolic power of his personal story and through a personalized presidential campaign, tried to combine the revival of American idealism with moderate conservatism.
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