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Time and space are major themes in Winterson’s novels. My goal in this paper is to focus on the way these concepts are analysed from the perspective of two of her novels, The Passion and Written on the Body. Winterson succeeds in creating and conferring new values on these concepts in her novels, thus allowing them a different interpretation.
In this paper, a new method for enhancing the pool boiling heat transfer coefficient of pure liquid, based on the gas injection through the liquids has been introduced. Hence, the effect of gas dissolved in a stagnant liquid on pool boiling heat transfer coefficient, nucleation site density, and bubble departure diameter has experimentally been investigated for different mole fractions of SO2 and various heat fluxes up to 114 kW/ m2. The presence of SO2 in captured vapor inside the bubbles, particularly around the heat transfer surface increases the pool boiling heat transfer coefficient. The available predicted correlations are unable to obtain the reasonable values for pool boiling heat transfer coefficient in this particular case. Therefore, to predict the pool boiling heat transfer coefficient accurately, a new modified correlation based on Stephan-Körner relation has been proposed. Also, during the experiments, it is found that nucleation site density is a strictly exponential function of heat flux. Accordingly, a new correlation has been obtained to predict the nucleation site density. The major application of the nucleation site density is in the estimating of mean bubble diameters as well as local agitation due to the rate of bubble frequency.
Content available Representations of water in essays by Yourcenar
Der Artikel enthält keine Abstracts in deutscher Sprache.
Adept of metamorphosis, Marguerite Yourcenar repeatedly uses in her essays the image of water, fluid elements related to the idea of transformation and rebirth; sea, ocean, artificial fountain – water takes various aspects and forms; from motif in the analyzed paintings to the biological functions it exercises, water crosses the yourcenarian essays. Established in the United States of America after the Second World War, did the writer study the ecology lesson testified by her texts about water? Or do these writings rather go beyond the concrete and circumstantial level of existence to talk about a global philosophy of life, as it seems to acknowledge the title of her trilogy: As the Water That Flows?
L'article ne contient que des résumés en anglais.
Том не содержит аннотаций на русском языке.
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