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The article presents the first statistical and quantification survey on Czech production of manuscripts during the period 1450–1550. The aim is to create a picture of the manuscript production during the studied period and to outline mutual relations between the receding manuscript production and the emerging production of printed works within the Czech environment. Material used for the analysis was collected based on registers of book collections of Bohemian and Moravian libraries and archives. The results have confirmed an expected decline in the production of manuscripts – manuscripts created after 1501 constitute only less than one fifth of the total collection. However, the decline was not distributed evenly. The number of produced manuscripts fell especially in the case of religious literature and the majority of secular disciplines. As regards the topics of medicine and law, the decline is not very perceptible. This was probably caused by the fact that Bohemian printing offices did not have sufficient possibilities to produce this type of literature. This broader perspective is counterbalanced by a more detailed probe into private book collections of certain important Bohemian scholars of that time.
Content available remote Příjmový deník olomoucké tiskařky Anny Alžběty Ettelové z let 1669–1673
The history of Olomouc book printing remains mostly unexplored. Literature often brings distorted information, which must first be verified by studying sources. An example may be the Olomouc printer Vít Jindřich Ettel († 1669), about whom some researchers have accumulated a large amount of unverified or misleading information. Nevertheless, numerous archival sources from which it is possible to reconstruct the life and activities of this book printer are available as well. Attention should, however, also be paid to his wife, Anna Alžběta Ettelová, who, after her husband’s death, administered the local printing house alone for three years (until January 1673). Multiple archival sources make it possible to study her activities in further detail and to learn more not only about the customers of the printing house but also about the book trade in Moravia at that time.
The study considers the ratio between books written in one of the national languages (German, Czech), books written in Latin in the total book production of Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian Silesiain 1751, 1761, 1771, 1781, and 1791. Data obtained by excerpting the catalogues of the National Library of Prague and the Scientific Library in Olomouc are used to outline the changing language situation in the Czech Lands. The author indicates that Czech as a language for more demanding communication (both written and printed) only faced a real threat at the end of the 18th century, when German occupied positions previously occupied by Latin, while the imports of German-languageliterature from the countries beyond the borders of Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian Silesia were rising. Furthermore, the author draws attention to the importance of Czech-language books in the output of Slovak and Hungarian printers for the creation of a language consciousness in the Czech Lands.
The aims of the article are to present the development and the degree of representation of individual languages in the Prague printed production of the 16th century and to confirm, or revise, the existing knowledge. The study is also an example of the possible use of the newly created virtual research tool formed within the project. The search interface that is being prepared and is going to be presented to the public in 2020 i.a. provides access to the hitherto separate bibliographical databases Knihopis and Bibliografie cizojazyčných bohemikálních tisků 1501-1800 [Bibliography of Foreign-Language Printed Bohemica 1501-1800]. This will significantly facilitate research into the development of the printed production in the Czech lands in its entirety regardless of language division.
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