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Marking the occasion of the publication of the 100th volume of The Journal for Modern Philology, the article summarizes key stages in the Journal’s history and describes its role in the development of Czech modern philology. It focuses on outstanding personalities associated with the Journal, the main theoretical issues that have appeared in its pages during the 107 years of its existence, and the impact of the Journal on the past and present of Czech modern philology and linguistics.
Ferdinand de Saussure died 100 years ago (22. 2. 1913) leaving a memorable legacy of primary importance for modern linguistics. This brief review outlines his life, family, studies and cultural background in his native Geneva that were formative for his career and then offers a short account of his major thoughts that have largely shaped the course of modern linguistics. The notes are related thematically to the nature of language and linguistics in the human community, moving to the language system (langue) and text (parole). Some of his important observations are included at the end together with an extensive list of quotes illustrating Ferdinand de Saussure’s well‑known, lesser‑known and unknown views, all of which are of special importance and still provide intellectual stimulation for linguists today.
The article analyses the influence of Vladimír Šmilauer on the character of the Journal of Modern Philology (Časopis pro moderní filologii, ČMF). Šmilauer was associated with the Journal for Modern Philology as an author and an editor for Slavic studies (1939–1951). The article describes the main linguistic/philological topics contributed to the magazine by Šmilauer (Slovak studies and the history of the Slovak language, new Czech, e.g. orthography, reports on foreign literature, etc.). The period of Šmilauer’s work at the ČMF falls into a time of socially problematical political systems: the Nazi protectorate after 1939 and the communist terror after 1948. On the example of the case of Šmilauer, we will show how and when political systems were directly reflected in the philological content of the Journal for Modern Philology.
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