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The lability of biochemical conversion in the biosphere belongs to biogeochemical ecology. Generally, they are connected with the excess or lack of trace elements. Also, there are slow but permanent changes in the metabolism of living animals in particular ecosystems. As a result of transformations there are new forms of life. However, when the process is disturbed by man in a relatively sudden manner, then diseases will occur. The subcellular structures important for life are constantly in danger of being damaged by activated forms of oxygen. Nevertheless, there are defense mechanisms which prevent the destructive process. The activity of defense mechanisms is dependent on the bioavailability of minerals and vitamins.
A case of urospermia in a stallion aged 10 years, coming from the Wielkopolska breed, has been described. The condition resulted in a low efficiency of the semen. Its first fractions were of yellow colour and, in the plasma, an increased level of urea (16.4 mml per 1 1) and creatinine (584 ummol per 1 1) were stated. The libido of the animal was normal; however, the quality of the semen was poor compared with the prior seasons.
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