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This paper is devoted to the boundaries for the planning control solely in the procedure of passing the local spatial development plan. The author discusses the authority of the court to control the planning competence of the commune and considers objections suggesting infringement of boundaries for planning control by the commune. Spatial planning requires a balance of interests – public (including those of local communities) and individual. From the legal point of view these plan stipulations prove defective, which infringe the law, as well as those which are a consequence of abuse of competences attributed to the commune (planning control). It may hardly be expected from commune councils to manage interpretation ambiguities. For this reason it may be and it needs to be expected from the administrative legislature, ex lege guarding the law, to provide rational and practical application and interpretation of law in terms of planning, which would meet social needs.
Le considerazioni sono dedicate ai confini del potere di pianificazione urbanistica comunale ma soltanto riguardo alla procedura di approvazione del piano regolatore locale. L’Autore discute il potere del tribunale di verificare la competenza della pianificazione comunale, inoltre prende in considerazione le accuse le quali suggeriscono che i comuni violano i limiti della competenza della pianificazione comunale. La pianificazione urbanistica richiede la capacità di equilibrare gli interessi – pubblici (comprese quelli delle comunità locali) e individuali. Difettose da un punto di vista giuridico sono quelle disposizioni del piano che violano la legge, così come quelle che sono il risultato dell’abuso delle competenze che spettano al Comune (potere della pianificazione urbanistica). È difficile aspettarsi che i Consigli comunali sappiano affrontare i dubbi interpretativi. Per cui, dai tribunali amministrativi, i quali devono salvaguardare ex lege il rispetto della legge, ci si potrebbe e dovrebbe aspettare una razionale, pratica e corrispondente alle esigenze sociali applicazione e interpretazione della legge nell’ambito della pianificazione.
Content available Znaczenie wysokoskrobiowych odmian ziemniaka
The paper presents the development of an original Polish car, the Syrena BOSTO, in the years 1971-1975. The process, which was conducted in Bielsko-Biała, encompassed all the stages, from the initial concept, through the development of the design, the construction and testing of prototypes, all the way to launching serial production. The car was developed in response to meeting the objective of a 'vehicle for the needs of farming' formulated by the political authorities of the Polish People's Republic. Rational solutions with regard to the body of the car gave the vehicle a universal character and considerably broadened the circle of its potentials buyers, to include people engaged in the handicraft, service and trade sectors.
Ocena aktualnego stanu technicznego i organizacyjnego oraz perspektyw rozwoju produkcji opakowań szklanych do wyrobów farmaceutycznych i kosmetycznych.
An assessment of the actual state of the art from the technical and organisation viewpoint as well as prospects for the development of production of glass packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are presented.
Content available Uwagi dotyczace polskiego doboru odmian ziemniaka
In the paper the analysis of electrochemical current noise obtained during stress corrosion of stainless steel specimen is presented. In the contrast to the traditional approach the condition of stationarity of the records obtained is not obeyed. The changes of electrochemical properties of analysed systems are manifested in temporal variations of corresponding noise response. Thus the modification of spectral noise response is made to make this value time-dependent. Such approach can be understood as the complementary to the impedance analysis of stress corrosion phenomenon.
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