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Over the last two decades nanotechnology has become one of the most dynamically evolving field of research. The unique properties of nanomaterials, not disclosing at microscale, are examined and exploited to extend our understanding of the interactions taking place at atomic or molecular level. Those findings affect research in many areas, like e.g. alternative energy sources, electronics, physics and medicine. In this paper, the possibility of using nanomaterials for the enhancement of photodynamic activity, is discussed. A brief review on drug-delivery facilitating nanomaterials, regarding their characteristic features, is presented. An exemplary application of silver-doped nanomaterials for enhancement of photodynamic properties of two photosensitizers: Photolon and Protoporphyrin IX, is described. Influence of silver-doped nanomaterials addition on the fluorescence intensity of photosensitizers immobilized in silica-titania (SiO2-TiO2) sol was examined via VIS spectroscopy. Influence of sonication on the fluorescence enhancement was also investigated. It was demonstrated that the fluorescence enhancement of photosensitizers depends on the concentration of both: photosensitizer and silver-doped nanoparticles.
Herein, we describe the results of fluorescence microscopy imaging of peridinin-chlorophyll-protein (PCP) photosynthetic complex mixed with reduced graphene oxide (rGO). Upon incorporation of rGO the fluorescence image of PCP changes substantially from one characterized by uniform intensity towards a more complex pattern. The isolated bright spots feature up to ten times higher emission intensity compared to the fluorescence of PCP in the reference sample, where no rGO was added. The number of the bright spots increases with increasing rGO concentration. At the same time the fluorescence intensity away from the bright spots in the PCP/rGO hybrid system is quenched in comparison to the PCP – only reference.
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