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The experiments were carried out on 48 heifers (I exp.), 180 bull-calves (II exp.), 40 bulls (III exp.) and about 240 fattening cattle (training exp.). The animals were fed maize silage, B-mixture (control groups) and the protein-mineral concentrates (experimental groups). In the experiments were determined: body weight gains, the fodder consumption and the level of selected chemical components in blood. Besides in the II experiment determined: total VFA production in the rumen, the amonia-nitrogen content and pH. In this experiment were studied the degradability of dry matter and crude protein in the rumen of some fodders: concentrates, maize silage, crusted barley and B-concentrate. During fattening of heifers which were fed maize silage with protein-mineral concentrates addition received goood results, high body weight gains (800-900 g), low fodder intake (6,2-6,8 oat units) kg of weight gains (and good chemical coefficients). Feeding of the bull-calves with protein-mineral concentrates supplement in a loose form with/without of urea participation caused the best body weight gains, ENT and crude protein intakes. The use of protein-mineral concentrates in a loose from instead of maize silage in fodder for older fattening bulls (350 kg of body weight) gave about 20 % better results when the commercial mixture type B was given. This dependence was confirmed by results of training experiments. The application in the fattening of beef cattle concentrates in a granulated form made worse the production effects. In blood of heifers and bull-calves was observed small differences, sometimes intrinsic in the urea and glucose levels.
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