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Content available remote Konstruování maskulinity v časopisech životního stylu pro muže
This text examines the construction of masculinity in three men's lifestyle magazines. Using semiotics and discourse analysis, the text focuses on the construction of various representations of masculinity. It argues that men's lifestyle magazines do not show only stereotyped representations of masculinity but are also a space where the meaning of masculinity is negotiated and where masculinity loses its stability and coherence. Using the open text concept, it aims to show how the construction of a text and textual strategies which draw our attention to the code in which the text has been written participate in subverting a stereotyped representation of masculinity. The authoress argues that the subversion of a stereotype and the destruction of the naturalness of masculinity through parody that we find in men's lifestyle magazines is productive because it leads to critical reflection on the historical and social nature of masculinity.
Men's lifestyle magazines are quite a new subgenre of popular magazines aimed at young, single, well-off and pleasure-oriented male readers. Editors of those magazines aspire to 'reveal' a sizable gap between their journals and up-market women's magazines. However, the attributed differences are superficial or even illusory. Being assured that editors possess the secret of hegemonic masculinity, the reader believes that they want to share it with him. Nevertheless, at the deeper level of this media category there are latent processes of male reader feminization. The readers of those magazines are not only asked to succumb to insatiable material consumption but also get encouraged to focus on their body beautification. Moreover, men's lifestyle magazines articulate keen resistance to feminist movement as well as a negative attitude toward gays and lesbians. The readers are asked to believe that the social world is still under the control of men as it used to be in the past. A reader who lacks self-confidence and a sense of security may want to be deceived in that way even at the price of becoming feminized.
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