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There was described the first case of feline infectious peritonitis in Poland. Diagnosis was made on the basis of fibroascites, peritonitis, necrotic foci and inflammatory granulomas in internal organs. Direct and indirect immunofluorescent tests play a significant role making possible to reveal specific antibodies against FIP virus. The level of antibodies should, however, be evaluated in the contex of clinical course of the disease.
Current methods used for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary diseases require detailed knowledge of the morphology of cardiac vessels, including the clinical aspects of the subepicardial cardiac veins. The study was conducted on 50 corpses of adult domestic shorthair cats of both sexes (24 ♂, 26 ♀), having an average body weight of 4.15 kg and aged from 2 to 10 years. A clear view of subepicardial cardiac veins was obtained by filling them with dyed synthetic latex (LBS 3060). The next stage of the study consisted in a detailed preparation of the main trunks with the use of a Global surgical microscope. It was found that the veins that drained the heart were the great cardiac vein, the middle cardiac vein, and the right cardiac veins. The course, main branches, and termination of the cardiac veins were determined. In view of the clinical importance of these cardiac vessels and their branches, universal nomenclature was suggested.
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