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Without access to leasing a lot of small and medium size enterprises would not be able to introduce new products and services, modernize their activities, improve the quality of their products and services, employ additional workers. Many enterprises probably would never started without a chance of leasing machines and equipment or means of transport since bank credit are often not available to the budding enterprises. The article presents the role of leasing that is a second (after bank credits) outer source of investment financing in the small and medium size business sector.
In present market conditions huge number of businessmen has problems from gain over from banks capital on purchase of durable centers not only, but also on development and operating activity Individual can use with different forms funding investment, it which is between different leasing.
Content available remote Leasing jako alternatywne źródło finansowania inwestycji w nieruchomości
Real estate leasing market has been functioning in Poland since 1997, it is a young service in development phase only. In recent years the value of real estate leasing has been significantly increasing. The 2007 year confirmed that Poland had become the area of big interest from institutions allocating its capital in real estate. In Poland leasing became popular form of financing shopping centers, storage areas, production halls and office buildings. Enterprise’s interest in financing real estate through leasing should still increase thanks to foreign investors inflow for whom this type of financing is very friendly. After investors, the banks will follow, for which investment financing through leasing is quite apparent.
The concept of state forest land lease and leasing pricing are examined. International experience of forest lease, type of lease contracts and rent payments are analyzed.
The main aim of the article is to determine how often Polish farms resort in their operation to credits and leasing. Generally, the degree to which these forms of financing are used is not high, especially in the case of leasing. It should be noted, however, that an improvement has occurred in this respect as evidenced by an increase in the credit indebtedness of farms recorded between 1996 and 2002. Moreover, polarization of farms is observable as far as the use of credits is concerned. On one hand, the use of credits has become less frequent in smaller farms and, on the other hand, the number of entities drawing large credits has increased. The surveyed respondents favourably assess the effects of the use of preferential credits in their farms. It can be stated that the low popularity of leasing among Polish farmers may be attributable to the economic downturn in agriculture and the farmers' insufficient knowledge about the possibilities of using this form of financing. The results of the conducted surveys also suggest that the farms which use credits and leasing have a relatively well defined organizational-demographic profiles. This creates a chance for banks and leasing firms to more selectively prepare proposals addressed to clients from the agricultural sector.
The lease, in accordance with the provisions of Article 7091 of the Civil Code, must be understood as an agreement by which the lessor commits, in the activities of his company, to buy from the designated vendor under the terms of this agreement, and give this thing to the lessee for use (usus) or use and usufruct (ususfructus) for a definite period, and the lessee commits to pay the lessor, in agreed instalments monetary reward at least equal to the price or pay for the acquisition of goods by lessor. Credit component of the lease agreements have always been emphasized, which justifies the application of the law on consumer credit to a leasing agreement. The legislator, however, did not decide that this Act includes all contracts for consumers leasing. For the purpose of these considerations, there should be distinguished two types of leasing agreement. The first category will be 'professional' leasing in the current version of the Civil Code, while the second variation of the lease called 'consumers' legislator indirectly constitutes itself. It should be treated as a legally admissible form of a lease in the consumer market, in the absence of limitations in concluding an agreement for consumer credit, concerning charged use of things or rights, if the contract provides the transfer of ownership of goods or the rights on the consumer.
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