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Content available remote Variational calculations on the vibrational level structure of S0 HDCO
We perform converged high precision variational calculations to determine the frequencies of the vibrational levels in S0 HDCO, extending up to 5000 cm−1 of vibrational excitation energy. For these calculations we use our specific vibrational method (recently employed for studies on H2CO and D2CO), consisting of a combination of a search/selection algorithm and a Lanczos iteration procedure and based on the Martin, Lee, Taylor potential energy surface for formaldehyde. The calculated level structure is compared to the recently measured frequencies by Ellsworth et al. in order to improve their assignments and further clarify the vibrational mixing pattern and vibrational resonances in HDCO that are very different from the other more symmetric formaldehyde species H2CO and D2CO studied recently.
Content available remote Vibrational calculations in formaldehyde: the CH stretch system
Open Chemistry
tom 9
nr 4
An alternative procedure for the calculation of highly excited vibrational levels in S0 formaldehyde was developed to apply to larger molecules. It is based on a new set of symmetrized vibrational valence coordinates. The fully symmetrized vibrational kinetic energy operator is derived in these coordinates using the Handy expression [Molec. Phys. 61, 207 (1987)]. The potential energy surface is expressed as a fully symmetrized quartic expansion in the coordinates. We have performed ab initio electronic computations using GAMESS to obtain all force constants of the S0 formaldehyde quartic force field. Our large scale vibrational calculations are based on a fully symmetrized vibrational basis set, in product form. The vibrational levels are calculated one by one using an artificial intelligence search/selection procedure and subsequent Lanczos iteration, providing access to extremely high vibrational energies. In this work special attention has been given to the CH stretch system by calculating the energies up to the fifth CH stretch overtone at ∼16000 cm−1, but the method has also been tested on two highly excited combination levels including other lower frequency modes. [...]
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