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Content available remote Zalesienia gruntów rolnych na obszarach wiejskich wschodniego pogranicza Polski
The article deals with the afforestation of agricultural land in the rural regions of Poland's eastern borderland. It presents changes in the area and dynamics of afforestation there and the spatial distribution of its intensity. Also identified are the determinants of farmland af-forestation. Special attention is paid to afforestation carried out on private land. The research covered three borderland provinces (Podlasie, Lublin and Subcarpathia) that form the east-ern boundary of the European Union. The years studied were 1996-2009, i.e. a period in which fundamental changes took place in farmland afforestation. The research showed that in the study area afforestation was largely carried out on private land, where it covered 26.7 thous. ha between 1996 and 2009. In each of the provinces under analysis the process of af-forestation of private farmland followed a similar pattern, but differed in dynamics. As in the entire country, in the rural eastern borderland one can observe an increase in the area of private land afforestation until 2003, its marked regression in 2004, another slight jump in 2005 and 2006, and another drop since 2007. The intensity of afforestation was not even; in the years under analysis it showed wide differences. Lower intensity of private farmland af-forestation was recorded in 1996-2001, at 3.4 ha per 1000 ha AL, than in 2002-2009, when the figure was 3.9 ha/1000 ha AL. But the intensity of farmland afforestation after 2001 kept declining with the changing peri-ods of afforestation co-funding.
The paper offers a spatial analysis (by poviat) of RDP Measure 5 'Afforestation of agricultural land' in Wielkopolska voivodeship and an assessment of individually operated agricultural holdings in terms of the absorption of funds earmarked for this purpose. The analysis was conducted on the basis of six indices, which were standardised and presented in the form of a normalised mean. The analysis covers the years 2004-2006, i.e. the first financial perspective of Poland's EU membership. The materials used were those of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (AR&MA) on afforestation of agricultural land under the RDP. The research showed there to be wide differences in the absorption of RDP funds by individually held farms of over 1 ha AL earmarked for this purpose. This is an effect of a spatially variable activity of those farms in the absorption of the means, but also of insufficient information concerning the conditions and procedure of granting assistance, because the implementation of Measure 5 had not been preceded by a programme of consultancy and training.
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