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Section 'Construction' includes the complete construction of buildings (division 41), the complete construction of civil engineering works (division 42), as well as specialised construction activities, if carried out only as a part of the construction process (division 43). The main purposes of the study are: (1) the identification of changes in 'Construction' which have occurred in the region, (2) the analysis of the section in the Opolskie voivodeship with the use of financial ratios of enterprises, (3) the identification of prospects for the section. The study uses data from the Central Statistic Office and Monitor Polski B. The empirical analysis is based on the location quotient. Moreover, the comparison of the financial situation of analysed enterprises using liquidity and indebtedness ratios was made.
The labour market of the Opolskie voivodeship is changing. It is connected with emigration from the region, more noticeable dualisation of the labour market and progressive changes in the education community. The consequence of these changes are structural deficiencies in the labour force. And that is why, in the Opolskie voivodeship, growing interest in the employment of foreigners is seen. So, in this case, it was decided to conduct a study which covered employers and foreign workers. The aim was to encompass the factors determining the employment of foreigners in the opolskie voivodeship. According to the dual labour market theory of M. Piore, the respondents were divided into groups representing the primary labour market ('better' work) and the secondary labour market ('worse' work). The study showed that the use of foreign labour in certain sectors (industry and construction) and occupations is a necessity due to the lack of native workers ready to take up employment. Moreover, the foreigners who take up employment in the Opolskie voivodeship have chosen the region because of the demands made by local employers. The study also showed that the majority of employers in the secondary labour market through the employment of aliens keeps employment and production stable.
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