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Rocznik Lubuski
tom 34
nr 2
The author deals with the history of works concerning the history of classical sociology written by Czech and Polish scholars. He stresses that in most cases these were not written by historians but rather by theorists, who sometimes lacked any serious interest in the history of the discipline and who rarely showed any historical methodological awareness. In most cases they dealt only with a narrow selection of grand sociological theories, including also authors and works which had nothing to do with sociology itself. As a result, it seems purposeful not to perceive these books on classical sociology as genuine histories of the discipline, but rather as contributions to the contemporary sociological subdiscipline called 'classical sociology'. Most local narratives on classical sociology attempted to include at least some of the local sociological work. It is not easy to do so, as local social science had only few great names that eventually could be counted as 'classical' sociologists, and the best period of both Polish and Czech sociology was the interwar one, which is on the verge of the discipline's scope. As a result, including local sociological tradition into the global context requires sophisticated narrative strategies shown by the author of the text.
Sociológia (Sociology)
tom 45
nr 4
339 – 364
The text discusses the following questions about the origins of sociological theory in the Czech lands: When was it established? Who, where and how participated in the process of its development? Czech sociological theory is divided into general sociological theory, meta-theory, concrete sociological theory and sociological journalism. The most important for current development in sociological theory is the general sociological theory which receives most attention. Czech sociological functionalism is compared with general functionalism (especially with T. Parsons´ theory). The classical sociological theory is considered in relation to contemporary developments in Czech sociology. With regard to the elaboration of general sociological theory, Brno played a more important part than Prague. The 1930s are identified as a period of its full constitution. I. A. Bláha, J. L. Fischer and E. Chalupný were the main figures in the field. The tension between positivism and anti-positivism is a characteristic feature of the Czech classical sociological theory, together with its ethical dimension which is a common feature of Czech thought in general.
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