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A case of dislocation of the ileus in a 2-day-old foal with special regard to diagnostic methods and therapeutic procedures has been described. Diagnostic procedures included clinical examination, passage of a nasogastric tube, urinary bladder catheterization and laboratory examination (tests) obtaining the measurement of: hematocrit, erythrocyte count, leucocyte count, total protein and albumin concentrations, bilirubin and urea concentrations, activity of AST and ALT. Therapy was based on the administration of NSAID, myorelaxing drugs, acid-base and water-electrolyte balance disorders correction and laparotomy. During the operation a resection of the pathologically transformed part of the ileus was conducted. Moreover, differentiating dislocation of ileus with others diseases like meconium retention and rupture of urinary bladder was described.
A case of an infant foal death was examined. The foal died 8 h after physiological parturition with symptoms of anorexia, listnessness and fever. Numerous extravasations in heart and spleen, congestion of lungs and cell degeneration of kidneys and liver was found during autopsy. A profuse growth of Actinobacillus equuli was obtained from internal organs of died foal. Clinical sings and anatomopathological lesions and results of bacteriologic examinations suggest a septicaemic nature of the disease.
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