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The registered parcel can be explained as continuous part of land within a subdistrict. It has to be also homogeneous legally and separated from other objects by the boundary lines. In the spatial structure of the State Forests National Forest Holding the registered parcel correspond to a forest compartment. The paper presents new approach to registered parcel definition, which can store more than one forest compartment (forest complex). In this way it is possible to create new basic area object as a base for cadastre (land registry) within the forest district. The aim of this study was to assess positioning accuracy of the boundary marker and the area of registered parcel. The measurements were conducted on stabilized boundary markers within forest complex and not−stabilized boundary markers within forest compartments. Using surveying technology the network of polygonal traverses were created. The control points for every travers line were measured by geodetic class GNSS receiver. It was assumed that all measured coordinates are free from error, so it was possible to asses registered parcel positioning errors. These errors are ±3.96 m for not−stabilized boundary markers and ±0.43 m for stabilized boundary markers. Applying the new idea, all existing forest compartments were joint into one big parcel within forest complex. The total number of parcels was reduced from 988 to 335. Based on formula [4] the area of parcels was calculated in two variants: considering their existing borders (not−stabilized boundary markers) and considering merged parcels (stabilized boundary markers). For the previous, the average error of parcel area equals to 1348 m² (26−6606, standard deviation=814 m²). In the latter variant, the average error of parcel area is much lower and equals 147 m² (5−3008, standard deviation=293 m²). The final results prove that new concept for basic area objects is justified and should be gradually implemented in the State Forests. This idea will not only facilitate forest management, but increase accuracy of borders positioning and simplify land registry as well.
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