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Content available remote Influence of alcohol on mechanical and electrical properties of thin organic films
Open Physics
tom 5
nr 3
Stability of organic materials properties is essential for further applications and was intensely investigated in last few decades. The aim of this study is to detect the structural changes of dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine (DPPC) monolayer as a model system of organic material under influence of alcohols solutions. As subphases of monolayers (Langmuir films), pure water, ethanol and methanol solutions were used. For detection of changes in charge states of the molecules as well as relation with structural and conformational changes, a contactless method employing Maxwell’s displacement currents (MDC) was used. In DPPC monolayer on the subphase of methanol-water, a gradual absorption of methanol molecules into the layer can appear. In DPPC monolayer on the subphase of ethanol-water adsorption of ethanol molecules on the layer can be observed. Influence of alcohols results in a significant change of mechanical and electrical properties as well as in the stability of thin films.
Two chiral, lipophilic calix[4]resorcinarenes of Mannich-base type, containing (S((-)-phenylethylamine (CAL11-PhEt), and (1R,2S)(-)-norephedrine (CAL11-EPh) form Langmuir monolayers on water surface. Chiral discrimination of amino acids: alanine, valine, leucine and tryptophan was observed by the changes in the surface area, which was different for D- and L-forms.
The surface potential of these compounds is distinctly higher in the presence of substituents and its further increase upon decreasing the pH of the subphase is observed only for the derivatized calixarenes. This means that protonation on the amine centers is the factor determining the properties of the monolayer.
Lipophilic calix[4]resorcinarene with phosphorous acid amide groups linking oxygen atoms is a rigid system of the cavitand type, in which conformational flexibility is strongly limited. These chiral receptors form stable Langmuir monolayers on water surface with surface area per molecule in the compressed layer being almost ph-independent.
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