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In this study, the authors examined the association between high and low level of activity and emotional reactivity as two temperamental traits and DRD4 and DAT-1 gene polymorphisms in healthy men aged from 18 to 27 lat (M=21.03; SD=2.23). The data analysis performed with PCR method has shown that the DRD4 polymorphism was significantly associated with emotional reactivity (p=0.027), while no significant association in genotype was observed between activity and emotional reactivity and polymorphism in the DAT-1 gene.
A natural disaster - such as a flood - is a sequence of events: swollen water level leading to the flooding of homesteads - primary stressor and later environmental consequences - secondary stressor syndrome. In order to be valid, an experimental model must ensure similarity of the stress-evoked behavioral symptoms. The most frequently administered behavioral tests measure exploratory behavior in the broad sense (the authors used the following test battery: self-exposition chamber, open field and elevated cross-maze). The authors also included emotional reactivity in the experimental design in order to test the idea that lower emotional reactivity alleviates the consequences of stress and therefore acts preventively. Reduced emotional reactivity and increased stressor intensity additively contribute to increased exploratory behavior. A main handling effect is found for most indices of emotional behavior. The proposed experimental model seems to meet two important criteria: it has face validity and it evokes very clear behavioral consequences, ones which are universal for most indices of exploratory behavior.
We investigated the relation between emotional reactivity measured by Perth Emotional Reactivity Scale – Short Form (PERS-S) and trust in fictitious news stories on crime. In Study 1 we found on a sample of 508 older adults (M = 70.6 years) that their general positive and negative emotional reactivity was associated with trust in the presented misinformation, experienced negative emotions elicited by the news stories and willingness to share the news. For young adults in Study 2 (N = 186; M = 21.7) there was a weaker association between emotional reactivity and trust in misinformation, which involved only negative emotional reactivity. For both samples, trust in fictitious news stories was associated with trust in traditional and new media. There was no association between trust in fictitious news stories and high Internet use or high news consumption. Based on our findings, the focus on emotion control and critical reading seems to be important in the fight against misinformation.
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