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tom 8
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The article presents researching stock market prosperity in relation to the future economic activity level in selected countries of Eastern and Central Europe. The positive correlation exists. In Poland and Hungary the correlation is the strongest. The correlation between stock market prosperity and future economic activity level in Eastern and Central Europe is generally a bit lower than in the mature economies because of the smaller role played by stock market in the economy. The important role in shaping prosperity cycle of Eastern and Central European stock markets plays the USA presidential cycle. In all the countries we can observe both macroeconomic and stock market presidential effect. National budget conditions play an important role in shaping future stock market prosperity. The worse the budget condition as measured by net budget result to GNP in a given year, the higher the Stock Exchange index rate return in the following year.
In this article analysis and evaluation were conducted of processes which occurred on the Polish rape-seed and wheat market at the end of 20th century and the start of 21st century. The time span in question covers the years from 1997 to 2007. This was a specific decade as it covered both the pre-accession period and the first years of Poland's membership of the European Union. The agricultural sector is closely linked to other sectors of the economy, therefore the performance of the entire economy may not be neglected. Consequently, in the first part of the article the key macroeconomic indicators were defined as well as the indicators relating to the agricultural sector, i.e. the 'agricultural price scissors' index and the dynamics of the overall agricultural production. In the second part of the article the situation observable in the rape-seed and wheat market was described, including endogenous determinants thereof. Despite the growing influence of macroeconomic factors, endogenous determinants continued to be decisive for the rape-seed and wheat market in Poland. Development trends on the rape-seed and wheat market were to a greater extent contingent upon the cropping structure and yield than on business-cycle factors.
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