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Content available remote Wojewódzka Rada Związków Zawodowych w Zielonej Górze w latach 1950-1956
The Provincial Council of Trade Unions in Zielona Góra was founded in 1950 as a result of adapting the structures of the unions to the new administrative division of the country. Its range coincided with the newly created province of Zielona Gora. The first Provincial Conference of Trade Unions was held on 17 September 1950. The first chairman was Bogdan Swiderski. The territorial structures were formed immediately, but the branch organizations and other organizational units only partially transferred their regional authorities to Zielona Gora. Others had their offices in Wroclaw and Poznan. The situation was difficult also because of continuous reorganization of industries. This led to a conflict of jurisdiction. One can find many critical voices at the federal authorities in the reports of the meetings of trade union organizations, especially the fact of neglecting employee issues, the pursuit of plans and production commitments. The competition, a constant struggle for higher production output became the primary objective of trade unions . Clerks, teachers and students were involved as well. The actions were, in fact, unaccepted and met with reluctance and gradually increasing criticism .
Content available Wybory prezydenta Zielonej Góry w 2018 roku
The authors analyze in the article the election of the major of Zielona Gora in 2018. They pay attention to changes in electoral law, often significant for the rivalry in a campaign. They emphasize the role of mayors who have been in office for several terms. Janusz Kubicki is such a mayor. He has held this position since 2006. The analysis of the elections in 2018 was preceded by the elaboration of the election process in the years 2002–2014.
В статье авторы анализируют выборы президента города Зелёна-Гура в 2018 году. Обращают внимание на изменения в избирательском законодательстве, которые часто были существенными в ходе соперничества. Подчеркивают роль городских президентов, занимающих эту должность несколько сроков. Примером является президент Зелёна-Гура Януш Кубицкий, исполняющий обязанности градона- чальника c 2006 года. Анализу выборов в 2018 году предшествует описание хода выборов в 2002–2014 годах.
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