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As a result of globalization processes, harmonization and liberalization of law, the governments gradually withdraw from the interference in agriculture. Therefore, the private sector begins dominate in world seed industry. As the concentration of seed companies occur, they are increasingly affecting the everyday life of the societies. Patents and another forms of intellectual property protection led to restricting access to germplasm and up to date science achievements. It may led to collapse of smaller seed companies, monopolization of knowledge and marginalization of the part of societies. Understanding the direction, range and time of following changes is very important to seed industry.
Polish seed industry is characterised by enormous costs, poor profitability and low labour efficiency. Thus it need to be fast and deeply restructurized. The restructurization should consider following aspects: assurance of profits to seed companies, good legal regulations supporting education and financing scientific research for seed industry by the govemment and acceptation of the seed industry as a partner and participant in managing of whole seed sector. Basic activities should include: - full and fast privatization of all units involved in plant breeding and seed trade, - strengthening of the seed industry association, - organizing of seed and plant raw material markets, - modernization of basic and strategic research organization for the seed industry.
Content available Zmiany w handlu nasionami i produkcji nasiennej
World seed trade will play a decisive role in evolution of seed production. Therefore the ISTA is now engaged in improvement of the system ensuring mutual acceptance of the seed quality certificates. In the world, the seeds are produced according to similar quality assurance programmes like in the industry. That enables their granting with the quality trade marks and companies brands. It may be expected in the nearest future, the seed certification will be done to greater extend by the private independent seed laboratories or company laboratories. These laboratories will be accredited by the ISTA or authorized by of ficial seed testing stations.
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