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The article presents the results of a comparative analysis of the main methods of promotion and marketing on the Internet based on international experience, the recommendations of their effective use. This work analyzes the specifics of goods and services which are sold and that it is advisable to sell the Internet, and especially the development of e-commerce both in Ukraine and abroad. There were depicted the advantages of creating online stores, their shortcomings and their disadvantages and ways of elimination of the functioning of the existing problems. There were disclosed features of use Internet commerce in the markets B2C and B2B, including on international markets. This paper systematized perspectives and problems of e-commerce in Ukraine, developed recommendations to address identified problems. It shows the usefulness of e-commerce in large enterprises to improve the efficiency of their operation, which promote of industrial goods.
This case study presents the route taken by natural mineral waters from producer to consumer. Along with the description of the situation customary in market research, the transformation and history of the market for the product since the change of system is examined. The discussion begins with a presentation of the product and the range of substitutes for it, followed by differences over time in mineral-water production and sales and a description of the size changes in the market. Then come the sales path, the market agents - mineral-water production and sales firms - and finally, the institutions of state and voluntary market regulation.
This paper considers the importance of the automobile industry in the global economic environment and sheds additional insight on the forecasting of passenger car sales. The study uses data from the automotive sectors in 38 countries, which account for more than 80% of passenger cars in use worldwide for testing the accuracy of a general framework that uses income and other country-specific factors to forecast passenger cars sales for short- and mid-term periods. The results indicate that this framework can be applied to a wide range markets, but its performance is primarily influenced by income levels in these markets. Tested and discussed is not only income as the main predictor of sales, but also the effects of other factors such as vehicle ownership level on passenger car sales projections. Income is shown to play both a determining role and a moderating role that affects other variables’ impact on passenger car sales.
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