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To increase the efficiency of the business in times of the globalization and increasing competition, the management of the companies looks for opportunities to achieve higher incomes or to reduce the costs of inputs. One of possible methods to obtain higher efficiency is to put the emphasize on the relationships with suppliers. This is very important element of an effective management of the company, because by determining the economical conditions of the cooperation, it is possibly to reduce the cost of business activities. The reliable classification of the suppliers is depended on the level of the detail of an assessment criteria and the scoring method. The main problem is the risk of the objective estimation of individual offers received from the suppliers. For this reason, the classification of suppliers is one of the key problems of the logistics controlling. Based on practical example, this paper presents the complexity of the problem of the classifications and the selection of suppliers according to different hierarchy of the importance of various criteria.
The article focuses on a previously neglected public procurement research field regarding competitive effects on public service contracts. Current studies analysing the competitive effect primarily focus on the examination of public works contracts, or on examining the competitive effect of public procurement as a heterogeneous whole. The subject of this examination is a separate analysis of public service contracts. Below and above-threshold public service contracts awarded in the Czech Republic in 2014 were examined. The results of the examination of its own sample of 790 public contracts in open procedure show that, with each additional tenderer, the average price drops by 3.04%. This finding is in line with the studies that have dealt with the examination of the competitive effect in public procurement for public works contracts. The analysis also indicates a stronger existence of a competitive effect in open procedure types compared to other procedure types. The report also highlights some of the phenomena that may affect the resulting public contract price, where the higher final price does not necessarily mean inefficiency nor overpricing of the public contract (such as the difficulties with the anticipated price for IT service contracts).
Mediation of visual art using animations and art therapy is one of the processes commonly used in art galleries and museums in Western Europe to increase the public’s engagement with art. This paper discusses these methods and the potential for their application in Slovak galleries with the goal of making these methods more widely known and encourages their adoption in museum and gallery practice. In the first part, we examine the nature of art, its importance and its role in museum and gallery education. The second part of the paper then analyses the concept of gallery animation, its objectives, methods, typology and various ways of its implementation using specific examples. In the final section, the paper turns to the issue of mediation of visual art in art therapy and various ways of implementing the methodology in the conditions of Slovak art galleries and museums.
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