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w słowach kluczowych:  revolution of dignity
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The article interprets the crisis of liberal democracy in the 21st century as the result of an ongoing, dual revolution of dignity. One such revolution is the work of “humanist outliers”: small groups and individuals dedicated to compassionate social emancipation. Thus anti-authoritarian revolutions like that of Solidarity in Poland (1980–81) succeed in large part thanks to cultural and political innovations springing from the work of such small groups. However, the humanist revolution of dignity – featuring altruism and cooperation – has its “tribal doppelgänger”: a twin revolution that strives to reclaim national dignity and pride at the price of submission to authoritarian rule.
The socio-political experiences of recent years have contributed to the development of new trends in patriotic and engaged art in Ukraine. The aim of the article is to analyze selected works of two popular Ukrainian graphic artists: Andriy Yermolenko and Oleksandr Komjakhov. The reproductions we use come from Mystets’kyy Barbakan. Trykutnyk 92. Antolohiya (Мистецький Барбакан. Трикутник 92. Антологія), pub-lished in 2015 in Kiev, as well as from the social media, in which the artists are very active. The presented analy-sis combines cultural and literary aspects. We show the interactions between the national symbols used and ref-erences to texts of culture important for Ukrainians, and at the same time the attempts to modernize them and a combine in a way that forces verification of the current way of thinking and reworking certain forms of cul-ture anew.
The article presents changes in the institutional system of national security of Ukraine, resulting from the „revolution of dignity”, the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbass. The subject of the analysis was the concept of national security system in science and Ukrainian strategic documents, transformation of the militia into the National Police of Ukraine, establishment of the National Guard of Ukraine and volunteer battalions, and institutionalization of the fight against corruption.
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