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Content available remote Diagnozowanie pracy silnika o zapłonie samoczynnym w trybie on-line
Regardless of numerous faults and many potential dangers it poses towards the environment the internal combustion engine will remain the chief source of power for vehicles in the near future. It seems certain that when contemplating the expansion ofthe internal combustion engine we will still have to put most of our attention on the ecological factors and the possibilities of implementation of telecommunication systems. Within the next few years a radical limitation of the now applying limits of toxic emission and implementation of restriction of the fuel consumption used by newly registered vehicles should be anticipated. The vehicle producers' reaction will from one side probably be a creation and production of more economical vehicles that will emit less toxic substances, but from the other universal spread of alternative power sources. Vehicle electronification is evolving quite quickly. In the future the basic functions and competence will not depend on the equipment anymore but on the functionality and intelligent connection ofsuch systems.
The computer based boiler performance system, presented in this paper, has been developed to provide a direct and quantitative assessment of furnace and convective surface cleanliness. Temperature, pressure and flow measurements and gas analysis data are used to perform heat transfer analysis in the boiler furnace and evaporator. Power boiler efficiency is calculated using an indirect method. The on-line calculation of a combustion chamber allows for an on-line heat flow rate determination, which is transferred to the boiler evaporator. Based on the energy balance for the boiler evaporator, the superheated steam mass flow rate is calculated taking into the account water flow rate in attemperators. Comparing the calculated and the measured superheated steam mass flow rate, the effectiveness of combustion chamber waterwalls is determined in an on-line mode. Sootblower sequencing can be optimized based on actual cleaning requirements rather than on fixed time cycles contributing to lowering of the medium usage in soot blowers and increasing of the water-wall lifetime.
The article describes the stability and convergence criterion of linear gradient internal model used in on-line interactive optimization. This type of optimization, in fact of increasing computing power of modern computers, allows to solve incompletely determined optimization problems. Stability and convergence of the linear gradient model was discused for three cases: when searching point moving from the forbidden into the allowed area, when searching point moving in the allowed area, and whensearching point moving from the allowed into the forbidden area.
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