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Content available remote HOUSING SIMULATION; (Mieszkaniowa symulacja)
This article presents the simulation of the investment funds and effects of housing construction to obtain the equalization of the amount of flats with the amount of households and to obtain the standard of 38 square meter interior usable area per capita (the average level in the European Union in about 2025). The simulation was carried out considering two different levels of average growth of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the period of 2006-2025 and necessary for implementing these assumptions in the growth of housing investments.
The housing market is among the most important shaping factors behind monetary policy. This study sets out to reveal the role of the housing market in monetary transmission with special attention to Hungary. The authors begin by reviewing experience in the developed countries, especially experience with the monetary union. Then comes an account of processes in Hungary in the last few years and a tentative outline of likely events in the period up to introduction of the euro. An attempt is made by econometric methods to identify the relation between macroeconomic changes and housing prices, and the effects of monetary policy on housing investment and consumption by households.
Content available remote Zarządzanie ryzykiem na rynku deweloperskich inwestycji mieszkaniowych
This article aims to develop a model of risk management in residential investment property development process. During the investment process developer should be aware of all the risks it may encounter during. Therefore, the key issue is the ability to manage risk, ranging from analysis of possible risks to the appearance, ending with the introduction of preventive measures at the stage of pre-developer as well as quick at the stage of regulatory decisions and the closure of developer (operation).
The article presents a review of the research activities of the Socio-Economics of Housing research team. The Socio-economics of Housing team is one of the research teams at the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The main research activities of the team include sociological research concerning attitudes towards housing in the Czech Republic, international comparisons of housing policies and social housing systems, and econometric simulations of policy reforms, like rent deregulation, the introduction of housing allowance and social housing, housing finance, housing market efficiency, and house price indices.
The main purpose of this article was to describe the situation in Poland in the field of mortgages taken by households in the years 2006-2010, particularly during the crisis period 2008-2009. Firstly the author characterized economic situation of Poland and chosen UE countries in general means, emphasising strong connections between GDP dynamic and demand for dwellings and mortgages to finance them. Afterwards Polish mortgages' market was described in the context of changes in real estates' prices. The author highlighted specific situation of Polish mortgages' market as very young and risky. Banks' activities on this market, which may be recognized as wrong, were characterized, as well as government program of helping households to take and pay off mortgages.
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