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The author characterises the dichotomy of economic rationality and values as it was formed in economic theory from the modern times until today. The pretension of the homo oeconomicus model to universality (mainly with the occurrence of neoliberalism) raised discussions within social sciences. It has been criticized also in the economy as such with attempts to find a new paradigm which would supersede the dichotomic way of thinking and respond appropriately to the calls for integration, mainly of the social and ecological dimension, which is becoming more and more urgent in the processes of globalisation.
Communication Today
tom 6
nr 2
How media confront abnormal social trends speaks volumes about the prevailing social and journalism norms and values. Bleak economic and social conditions may give rise to suicides, which classical sociological theory views as a strong indicator of a society in a serious crisis and in need of reconstruction. Media coverage and especially comments on such grave events demonstrate the capacity and willingness of journalists to engage in a sensible communication on the issue, or attempt to divert the public’s attention from the crux of the matter. A value analysis is thus revealing of media’s motivation and the eventual outcome of its thorough or selective highlighting of an alarming situation. The study employs a qualitative type of content analysis to discover the willingness of media to engage in an honest dialogue on the larger picture. The conclusion is hardly optimistic: media in Bulgaria tend to eschew dialogue, provide narrow technocratic explanations of tragedies, developing insensitive blind spots for the wider reality, the social and the human, thus failing its mission. Since values change slowly and under the influence of long-term factors, this study provides an insight on the way cultivation forces have worked in the Bulgarian society and media.
(Title in Ukrainian - 'Vplyv zaprovadzhennia nakopychuvalnoi skladovoi derzhavnoi systemy pensiinoho strakhuvannia na pidvyshchennia rivnia sotsialnoho zakhystu naselennia v Ukraini'). The influence of introduction of accumulation constituent of the state pension insurance system in Ukraine on increase of the social protection level of both, persons of retirement age and the population on the whole, was investigated. Reform of the system of pensions provided today is one of basic trends of perfection of the general system of social protection of population in Ukraine. Priority given to the pension reform is conditioned upon many factors, in particular the population ageing, enhanced immigration and change of social values. A short review of certain stipulating factors speeding up the necessity of cardinal changes, in particular in the field of pension insurance is presented.
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